Shakti Vel Coffee

Your introduction to the gourmet-quality Arabica coffees of South India.

We bring you only the finest whole bean Arabica coffee from the Nilgiris, Mysore, Coorg, Hassan, Chikmagalur and the Malabar coast of Kerala.

Wouldn't you rather start your day with a cup of one of the world's best coffees?

Now you can.

History of Indian Coffee

In the 16th Century AD a Muslim saint named Baba Budan made his pilgrimage to Mecca and during his travels he came across a drink in Yemen that he found "exhilarating". It was forbidden for anyone to take the coffee plants out of Yemen because they were considered to be too valuable. Europeans and other tourists had to be content with roasted or boiled beans, making it impossible to grow the plants abroad. However, Baba Budan was an enterprising man who wanted to introduce this new plant to his native land.

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Our Approach

Shade grown in the lush green mountains of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at 3000 feet and above, the soil, climate, scientific cultivation and stringent quality control all contribute to produce a rich, smooth, full-flavored coffee. A double canopy of towering jungle trees such as the Silver Oak and a lower canopy of trees that can be pruned to allow more or less sunlight to reach the coffee plants, creates a bird-friendly eco-system with a rich loam soil enhanced by falling leaves, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and conserving moisture from the monsoon rains.

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